The school has recently become a charter school. These students come from many city and communities in Henderson, Kentucky and Newburgh, Indiana. 

The increase in Bible study opportunities continues phenomenal growth as additional Precept classes are offered each year.   In addition to classes offered on site, we now have a prison ministry at Branchville where inmates actively participate in the study of God’s Word through the inductive study method prescribed by Precept Ministries.  Through Nazarene, Precept Ministries’ bible-study classes are also taught at USI.   

Also on April 25, 2004, Nazarene dedicated four additional classrooms for lower grades and three adult study classrooms.

Pastor Rascoe has been blessed with a beautiful helpmate in the former  Trudy Allen, and has been blessed with five children – Danielle, Amber, Larry, Ziporah, and Simone. 


             Larry A. Rascoe Sr., became pastor of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church in March of 1989.

             We thank God for his honest

and faithful service, his wisdom and compassion, his tenacity and his dignified and ethical conduct, his

patience and calmness, and his confidence that God is in control of the future.

  When Pastor Rascoe came to Nazarene, the church began an unprecedented growth in a number of different areas.   Joshua Academy, a preparatory school, opened in 1998 and now serves students who are three years of age through grade five.

About Pastor Rascoe

Pastor Larry A. Rascoe Sr.